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WGW Forum Rules

Post by axy_666 » Mon May 07, 2007 8:59 pm

1) Play nice.
Any flame wars, please take it to email, or at least off this site. Personal attacks will not be tolerated: information may be provided to your access provider or other authority (including the police) if required.

2) No blatent advertising of non WGW related stuff.

By all means, pimp your local club/shop, but don’t spam the forum with constant updates. This includes eBay and its ilk.

3) No linking to dodgy sites, malware, etc.
If you wouldn’t show it to your grandmother, don’t link it. You know what I mean.

4) Don’t impersonate someone else.
Just be yourself. Any attempts to use other people’s accounts will be met with harsh disapproval. Accounts for couples or other groups are perfectly acceptable. However, using someone else’s account that you’re not entitled to (e.g. because they’ve forgotten to log out of a shared computer, or by guessing their password) is not allowed.

5) Don’t post new topics in the Announcements forum.

Unless you’ve been authorised to. Unauthorised posts will be removed without notice. Replies to existing topics are ok.

6) No chav baiting

The last thing I want is to have the mods policing the board after an influx of these “people”. Take it over to the chav scum web site if you must.

7) No swearing.

Please keep it clean. This site represents WGW.

and finally…

8) Moderator decisions are final.

We won’t discuss it. We’re all fluffy bunnies, but we’re fair and firm fluffy bunnies.

Anyone flounting these will probably get a verbal slap in the first instance, and you may be banned after repeat offences.


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