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Melanie (Dj Lucy*Fur)

Post by axy_666 » Tue Aug 05, 2008 5:08 pm

Many of you kindly donated money towards Lucy*Furs fundraising campaign in April. Sadly Mel passed away 3 days after April WGW.
While over £3,000 from WGW fringe events was given directly to Mr Denove, the money indirectly by Jo at the official events was spent as follows

£500 Donated to Lothian Cat Rescue
Mel adopted two cats from here including her beloved Meika. A pen is now dedicated in Mel & Meika's memory and we hope to hve a photo soon.

£700 Donated to St Columba's Hospice Edinburgh
This amount also included funds raised by Mrs Geoff on one of her many runs and specifically included funds raised from the sale of StrangeFish' 'Fuckin Weirdo' t-shirts

The reminder I spent on a beautiful cat sculpture by Jonathon Newdick which will hang above the fireplace in the Met.
The pictures you can see are of Jonathon working on Mels sculpture which he'll be installing in person in the week leading up to Halloween 08 wgw.

I was inspired by Jonathon's sculpture after visiting

Jonathon is leaving a small hole in the chest of the cat so that anyone who wishes to post a private message inside it, before its hung on the wall, may do so.

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