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whitby wyrm
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Post by whitby wyrm » Fri Nov 05, 2010 6:59 pm

Hi to all

the names wyrm i am in the middle of making a website that also holds a forum i have finished the forums just a few bits to do then ill be 100% happy with it. at the moment i i'm coding the homepage. not 100% sure what it will contain at the moment but have a few good ideas. ill prob have a small shop selling things members want. at a cut price of course :up:

i would love for you guys to pop over and sign up. talk about anything gothic you want there is also an off topic section to talk about..... well anything not gothic related...

my aim is it get people to stick around in one place some where us goths can call home. i'm aiming it to be a global website with people coming in from all around the world.

i used to live in whitby (21 years) was born there :D i'm now based in the midlands due to work but still go up every goth weekend and also to see the family

well thanks to all for reading if you have any questions please pm me over there or here and i will be happy to answer ... hp?act=idx

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