Please Help Bad Pollyanna With Their Music Video

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Please Help Bad Pollyanna With Their Music Video

Post by Lady Spiderella » Mon Feb 25, 2013 11:28 pm

Hi everyone!!!
As you know Bad Pollyanna performed at Oct./ Nov. WGW and were smashing.
I know, I know; I may be biased just a bit; but I did and do enjoy their music.
They are currently doing a thing with Pledge Music. Com to raise funding for their new video.
I've already made one pledge and will be doing more as I can afford to.
I thought those of you who heard them perform andd liked them might want to help them out too.
I have put a link to their pledge music page if you are interested in helping them out. ... musicvideo

Thanks everyone for taking the time to read this and for helping them out if you do.
Love and Healing Wishes,
marion, Wounded Dove

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