DJ CYMEK Set Lists Nov. '12 WGW.

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DJ CYMEK Set Lists Nov. '12 WGW.

Post by CyberAndy » Sat Mar 16, 2013 9:24 am


Reliquiary - Winter World
Lycia - Fifth Sun
Audra - Cabaret Fortune Teller
This Ascension - I Wish (John Rivers remix)
Black Tape For A Blue Girl - Knock Three Times
Autumn - Seconds
Switchblade Symphony - Mine Eyes
Tres Lux - Never Let Me Down Again
Attrition - Suicide Engineer
Americlone - Sex Candy (extended mix)
Tingle In The Netherlands - Prostitutes Handbag
Lords Of Acid - Paris France
KAlt - Sweet Suicide
Human Drama - I Am Not Here


The Secret Meeting - Shiver X
Android Lust - Refuse
Global Citizen - Early Morning Star


Area - All There Is
This Ascension - For A Day
Antimatter - Saviour
Voodou - Silver And Gold
Ego Likeness - Breedless
Faith And The Muse - Battle Hymn (War Trance remix)
Attrition - The Mercy Machine
Apoptygma Berzerk - Spiritual Reality
Global Citizen - Don't Make It Slow
Tingle In The Netherlands - The Housewifes Lament
Android Lust - Stained
Dance Planet X - Rosemary's Baby
Black Tape For A Blue Girl - Tarnished
Pigface - Magazine


Collide - Halo
Lola Angst - Ziggy'z Lullaby
Klaus Nomi - Nomi Song

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