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Loki's Reviews

Post by PeteW » Sun Jul 17, 2011 9:50 pm

Loki is returning to writing reviews of CD's and gigs and intends publishing them here.

To prevent the actual review getting lost in a long list of comments, this topic will be locked and only Loki will be able to post here. If you want to comment on or discuss any reviews, just start a new thread.
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Re: Loki's Reviews

Post by Loki » Mon Oct 17, 2011 3:42 pm

'The Dark Goddess'
Dark Dimensions/Alice In... / Resurrection UK

This is possibly the best album the ‘Inkies' have produced in their long career. The first track "The Dark Goddess" sets the mood for the rest of the album with lyrics such as "The sweetest angel is the most evil" which stuck in my mind along with the haunting music and captivating voice of the lead singer Candia McKormack. "She's One of The Dead Now" is another emotion-rousing track that by listening to the words, you cannot help but be effected by it. The final track "Karnayna" was a pleasant surprise, all I can say is that I wasn't expecting such a arousing chorus that sticks in your head.

Overall, "The Dark Goddess" will be very popular with Inkies fans, the musical ability of the band shows how much they have improved in a very positive way, and how Candia's voice has matured through the years, now being at it's best. To those who have yet to listen to Inkubus Sukkbus, this album will more than likely get you hooked!
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