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Posting Images and Links

Post by Loki » Mon Dec 07, 2009 2:08 am

Can we please keep the size of the posters down, say not so big that it would alter the width of the message body. If you can't do that rather than embed the link, just use a url tag. The reason being a lot of space is used and it is slowing the forum down . . thanks

To use url tag, hover over it above where you post your message and it will tell you how to use it, so it doesn't display the full link.

For example (you need to replace { with [ to make it actually work)

would display

However {url=}WGW Website{/url}

would display

WGW Website

So the link actually becomes a piece of text, rather than gobbledeegook :)

thanks to Jaye for that information

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